New Santam 2017 TV commercial

New Santam 2017 TV commercial

Age of invention: what could go wrong

We live in interesting times. A time of invention where our homes are controlled by smart devices, cars drive themselves, and deliveries are done by drones. It makes you wonder: in a world where things go wrong, wouldn’t you rather be with the insurer that makes it right? If you are considering switching insurers, speak to your broker, get a quote now or call us on 0860 444 444.

Watch the new 2017 Santam TV ad

Santam’s new TV advertising campaign depicts scenarios that come with the next wave of innovation and possible risks that need to be managed ahead of time. Watch it now:

In the age of invention, artificial intelligence is becoming part of daily life - The Internet of Things (IoT) is making our homes smarter than ever before - lights, heating, security and more can now be controlled from a smart device.Global climate change is fast becoming a reality, despite the fact that not everyone agrees with the global climate agreement.

It’s true – ideas that once belonged to science fiction are now fact. Let’s have a closer look at what’s coming our way. 

Self-driving cars: what could go wrong?

A driverless car might seem far-fetched, but so was cruise control, automated parking and lane departure warnings. Autonomous vehicles will be a fact of life in just a few years, accounting for a quarter of global car sales by 2035. Considering that 90% of road traffic accidents are caused by human error, most car insurers will need to re-evaluate the way car insurance policies are structured. Information and telematics systems can potentially be hacked and remotely ‘taken over’ – imagine the nuisance, congestion or even malicious attacks this could cause. That’s why we’ve created tailor-made cyber-insurance to ensure we’re at the forefront of this rising trend.

Drones: not just for pretty pictures

Those bugs in the sky are here to stay, forming part of a multi-billion dollar global industry. In South Africa, drones are already used in farming, security surveillance and to monitor traffic, but very soon we’ll also have them deliver packages and medicine, monitor weather patterns and beam internet to remote areas (in the case of Facebook’s Aquila). As drone technology develops, insurance cover will have to adapt – which is why Santam has already responded to this booming industry with specialist aviation cover.

Smartphones: bigger risks than fire

We’ve all heard of phones that exploded in people’s pockets. However, you are more likely to fall victim to a cyber-attack than to a small fire - a whopping 8.8 million South Africans were targeted by cyber-crime in 2016. A smartphone is a computer in your pocket, which means that it’s susceptible to all the same risks as a desktop computer, if not more. People tend to grant permission to apps more easily on a smartphone and spend far longer on social media (where bogus links often lead to malware or spyware). The more you rely on your smartphone – using it for everyday activities from banking to shopping – the more vulnerable you are to data breaches and other cyber-attacks.

Climate change is changing everything

Polar caps are melting. We are running out of water. The world is seeing unprecedented droughts, storms, catastrophic fires, and flooding. Climate change is disrupting the insurance industry. It can no longer simply raise premiums or withdraw cover; it needs out-of-the-box strategies to prevent future losses. Santam is incorporating climate change into its investment strategy and working collaboratively with the government, municipalities and farmers to address threats and sustainable new practices, but we will all have to play our part in safeguarding our homes and precious natural resources against this ongoing change.

Although these inventions are welcomed, we know that with innovation come risks. This is why Santam is thinking ahead to properly prepare for these risks. We’re not just forward thinking – we are also the insurer that looks for reasons to pay you rather than not. It’s one of the reasons consumers and brokers voted us the most reliable personal insurer when it comes to paying claims. Find out more about Santam claims here and take a glimpse into the not-so-far future with our ‘What Could Go Wrong’ videos.

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