Our latest TV ads featuring world-class hypnotist Keith Barry

Our latest TV ads featuring world-class hypnotist Keith Barry

We have gone to unusual lengths in its latest TV ad campaign to encourage a less risky approach to everyday life using the power of the mind. As with our previous  TV ads featuring Sir Ben Kingsley, the new commercial also has an interesting and unexpected twist.

World renowned hypnotist Keith Barry took to the streets of Johannesburg to illustrate that people are extra careful when they believe they are more vulnerable and at risk.

The actions of those hypnotised were not staged but were filmed in a controlled environment to ensure the safety of all involved.  As far as we're aware, it's the first time anyone has made a commercial where the lead characters were under hypnosis and as such couldn't be directed.

With this, we are holding the mirror up, showing people how you put yourselve at risk every day and ow the smallest change in thinking can only make you safer.
Take a look and let us know what you think.

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