Our latest TV ad: One-of-a-kind insurance for a one-of-a-kind country

Our latest TV ad: One-of-a-kind insurance for a one-of-a-kind country

There are things that happen in South Africa, that are part of our lives. Some weird, some wonderful and some more serious. They're one-of-a-kind things that you need one-of-a-kind insurance for. As South Africans, we've become so used to them, that we don't even give it a second thought. But to foreigners, they're often bizarre. 

Our new TV ad takes a fly-on-the-wall look at foreigners from India to the UK, from the Netherlands to Japan, as they share anecdotes about South Africa with their friends. The ad, while it deals with very real, and often serious issues, is a celebration of this rich, amazing place we live in. Bakkuzis, braaivleis, load shedding, baboon visits, car guards and traffic signs of hippos crossing - through the eyes of foreigners, we are getting an outsider's perspective on the uniqueness of some of the things we deal with in our everyday lives. We hope it reminds you what a beautiful, unique country we live in. And that, in spite of the challenges we deal with, our unique ways and character offer much to smile at. Take a look and tell us what you think:

Our new campaign also sets out to reinforce our message of insurance good and proper. As one of South Africa's original insurance companies, we have always upheld a philosophy that there is a right way to do insurance. Insurance good and proper is about treating your valued assets as seriously as you do to ensure that you have reliable cover should you ever need to claim. In the past year, Santam paid out more in claims than any other insurer.

"We believe one should apply the same care when choosing insurance than when buying the car or house, or building up the business that needs protection. Insurance has a vital role to play in economic growth and yet many people view it as something trivial and dispensable to be dealt with quickly and forgotten about," says Yegs Ramiah, Executive Head of Brand at Santam.  

"An incredible amount of care goes into providing solid and reliable cover that's there for you when you need it, particularly in South Africa where we have a set of risks that aren't always typical. With our new ad campaign we want people to spend more time celebrating the many upsides and wonderful aspects to living in this one-of-a-kind country - and less time feeling uncertain about whether they're properly covered."

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