E-tolls and insurance: we answer your questions

E-tolls and insurance: we answer your questions


The South African department of transport has clarified the enforcement of e-toll payments by withholding vehicle licences as follows:

They will not deny vehicle owners the opportunity to renew a licence, but will complete the legislative process, and thereafter not issue the licence disc.

Is a client’s insurance coverage compromised if he/she has in fact renewed the licence, but cannot produce the license disc.

Will he/she be required to provide proof of the renewal in any other way?


In terms of Santam’s personal lines policy wording, it is immaterial to insurance cover whether a vehicle is registered with the department of transport or not. The withholding of vehicle licences will therefore not affect insurance cover. Insurance cover is only excluded if the vehicle is not roadworthy and that this is material to the loss (e.g. the condition of the vehicle’s tyre).

We’ve received a few questions about e-tolls and insurance which our underwriting team have answered.

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