How to increase the value of your home in 24 hours

How to increase the value of your home in 24 hours

Selling your home? You can easily increase its value in a weekend with a few carefully chosen DIY or décor projects. With the help of Jeanne Botes, Décor Editor of Elle Decoration, we break down 24 hours with tips that will take your house from fixer-upper to fabulous find.


New handles

"If you don't have time to repaint cupboard doors, you can still give wardrobes or kitchen cabinets a fresh look by simply unscrewing handles and adding new ones."

Add flowers and plants

"Fresh flowers add a lot of life to your home. You can also give your garden an instant fresh look with some potted plants or pretty hanging baskets."


Relook a room

"If you have one of those playrooms cum office cum guest bedroom types of rooms, pick one use and style it that way so that a buyer can clearly imagine what it can be used for."


Update light switch and plug covers

"Old, discoloured light switches and plug covers make a house look tired. All you need is a screwdriver and a few new sets. Voilà - as good as new."


"Less is more in a space so, since you will soon move anyway, start decluttering your rooms. Stock up on big plastic containers, rent storage space if you must and get unnecessary stuff out of the way. Canoes, toys, bikes - be gone."

Spring clean

"Get a professional cleaning company in to steam clean curtains, shampoo carpets and give cupboards, walls and shelves a proper cleaning. Years of grime give a house a sad, unkept look."

Santam jeane inside4 HOURS

Magic paint job

"If you have dark pine ceilings, consider painting them white. It will immediately lift the space. Or paint a feature wall a bright colour to add interest to a dull corner."


Revamp floors

"Take a close look at your flooring - for example, if you have original wooden flooring hiding under old carpets, then take them out and give the floor a light sanding. If you have a mishmash of flooring, give them a similar white or ebony colour wash - just ask advice at your hardware store for the correct products to use."

Please note: Times given are estimates based on the assumption that you have all relevant supplies. Pick a project that you have the time for and schedule others for another weekend.

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