5 essential checks before buying a home

5 essential checks before buying a home

You've found your dream home, the price is right and you can't wait to move in. We talked to expert builder Marc Kilner of Kilner Construction to share five essential (but not always obvious) checks you need to do before signing on the dotted line.

1. Roof tiles: How old are they?

"A lot of older houses have oven-baked roof tiles which, as they age, or if they are disturbed, can break easily", explains Marc. "These are almost impossible to find these days so you may have to replace the entire roof if there are issues. Ask to look inside the ceiling and touch the tiles. Look for white flaking - that means they have started disintegration."

2. Ceiling: What's hiding behind it?

"Look up: a ceiling can reveal a lot of secrets. Are there darker paint spots? That could mean leaking or mould. Remember: ceilings carry an immense amount of black dust. If you are an allergy sufferer, you definitely want to have a look and see what's between you and the roof!"


3. Garden: A bit too green?

Owners often water gardens a lot before a sale to get it to tiptop condition. "Take a close look at the irrigation system and ask how much water the garden needs to stay in pristine condition. Are you up for the additional costs of maintaining it?"

4. Geyser: Size matters

"Ask about the size, age and type (regular or solar) of geyser and consider whether it will be large enough to accommodate your family's hot water needs. Older geysers should also be checked for wear and tear as a failure can potentially cause a lot of damage."

5. The sun: Location, location, location

"This is one of the most important considerations - ask where the sun rises and sets. Picture yourself in areas of the house at different times of day. For example, that lovely pool might always be in the shade or that bedroom could see full summer sun at 6am!"

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