The biggest problems entrepreneurs face

The biggest problems entrepreneurs face

Investable CEO David Seinker is passionate about entrepreneurship, specifically in the small to medium size enterprise sector, and assisting these businesses in setting up their resources successfully. His focus is on advising businesses on growth, finance and investment by providing expertise, access to his wide network and access to investment capital.

He explains why attempting to succeed as a one-man band is one the biggest problems faced by entrepreneurs in South Africa. He gives advice on getting the right advisors who can deal with the finances and operations of a business.

"If you can't afford to appoint the right resources, at least get the right advisors on board," he says. "This is where I see a lot of entrepreneurs failing, because they try to do everything themselves and they can't. Having other minds in your business adds value and assists in growing your business."

Take a look at the full interview below:

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