Overcoming obstacles to move ahead

Overcoming obstacles to move ahead

Entrepreneurial expert Catherine Wijnberg sits at the helm of FETOLA, a team of business growth professionals for small and medium sized organisations, who generate accelerated success of SMEs across South Africa. She has owned and operated businesses in three countries across five different sectors, including agriculture, transport, tourism and craft development.

She discusses an entrepreneur's biggest obstacle and gives insights into how to overcome these roadblocks. For her, it's excitement and a can-do attitude that can turn a business idea into a successful venture.

"Focus on more than just your business; you also need to focus on your personal well-being," she says. "In order for a business to be healthy, you have to be healthy. Since, especially in the start-up stage when resources are scarce, you are the business. Take good care of yourself, so you can take good care of your business."

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