6 Reasons to celebrate being a local business

6 Reasons to celebrate being a local business

In South Africa, SMEs comprise 98.5% of all formal businesses. That makes you the lifeblood of our country and the hub for our communities. For generations, people have been passionate about their ‘locals’. And that passion persists. If you’re a most-loved local, your followers quickly turn into your biggest fans. And their unwavering loyalty is something to celebrate!  

Here are five more reasons to celebrate being a local business in SA:

  1. Your importance is recognised. You play a critical role in SA. Recognising this, President Ramaphosa has launched a $95-million fund to fuel small business growth. It’s managed by top business people with the ambition to become the largest institutional investor in venture capital in the country.
  1. Your fans choose YOU. There’s something truly special about knowing that your repeat customers keep choosing you. Today, customers are incredibly conscientious and they’re very particular about which businesses earn their loyalty and trust. If you’ve managed to do so, you can celebrate the fact that you’re doing something right.
  1. You’re a vital part of the community you operate in. You’re integrally woven into the fabric of the society you operate in. You’re a hub for people to congregate at and the locale for people to pop into. South Africa’s SMEs, especially, have a special place in communities’ hearts as you share in the memories of our favourite spaza shop, salon or convenient corner-store.
  1. You have every opportunity to innovate. We live in a country known for its people’s ingenuity. Creativity thrives here and South Africa has established itself as a world leader in artistry and craftsmanship. Celebrate all this energy and turn it into something special. Find ways to solve the challenges we face collectively – innovations that add value will always be in demand.
  1. You really make a difference. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. You play a powerful part in job creation. By employing and upskilling even a small team of staff, you’re making a dent in SA’s unemployment statistics. Amplify that small difference by all the small businesses in SA and suddenly, it’s a huge difference.

What others love is worth protecting

Celebrating your localness also means protecting what others love about you. It took a lot of hard work to grow your business and get your customers to become your biggest fans. With Santam’s tailormade small business insurance, we can help ensure that your customers are never without your products or services. Speak to your broker to find out more about essential insurance cover for your unique business needs.

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