20 Valid reasons for insuring your assets and crop with Santam Agri

20 Valid reasons for insuring your assets and crop with Santam Agri


1. Nationwide Presence
With a nationwide presence and experience that stretches over 100 years, Santam Agriculture is firmly entrenched in the South African agricultural industry. Its knowledgeable and skilled team of experts has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of farming and are able to help clients manage their risks proactively.

2. Internationaly Recognised
Santam Agriculture is internationally recognised for its ability to underwrite weather related risks on crops. 

3. Quality and True Value Cover
Santam Agriculture offers quality and true value cover as a set of clear and concise solutions designed to suit every client’s unique environment and personal insurance needs.

4. Innovative solutions
Santam Agriculture provides continuously innovative insurance solutions that protect growing crops against weather related losses.
Santam prides itself on its reputation for superior claims experiences and a streamlined pay-out process.

Santam Agriculture considers itself as the South African farmer’s agriculture business partner of choice through its comprehensive range of asset insurance solutions.

  1. Santam Agriculture offers a set of specialist solutions designed to suit each client’s unique insurance needs, ranging from livestock and game to pivot irrigation systems cover.
  2. Santam Agriculture provides continuously innovative insurance solutions to farmers that not only safeguard crops and assets, but also help bring peace of mind.
  3. Santam Agriculture aims to provide a complete and superior insurance experience through extensive risk prevention and reduction solutions while allowing our farmers the freedom to focus on growing their businesses.
  4. Our wide range of insurance solutions and risk cover options include diversified and bespoke solutions through the Santam Specialist insurance suite.
  5. Santam Agriculture understands that insurance expertise is critical when it comes to providing clients with the most suitable cover to meet their individual needs. That is why we partner with their trusted and knowledgeable brokers to ensure correct and sufficient cover.
  6. Santam Agriculture not only offers assets protection but also protects you from exposure to liabilities on farms as a result of damage to properties, spread of fire, dam wall damage, death or injuries and product liability, among others.
  7. Santam Agriculture offers farmers and producers added benefits when insuring their assets, ensuring that clients who belong to registered and approved Fire Protection Associations (FPAs) also benefit from reduced premiums as well as an option for fire extinguishing cost.
  8. Our policies are flexible enough to incorporate all your insurance requirements. If required, a number of options can be added including: Cover for goods being transported, Guesthouses, Extended cover for your 4 x 4, Death of your livestock
  9. As farmers or producers, you can take extra insurance to cover against Employees stealing your property & Death of you or your farm worker.
  10. When covered by our Comprehensive motor cover, you benefit from: Motor vehicle repairs up to R5 000 without prior consent ,Contingent liability, Free excess waiver for individuals over the age of 55, Damage to tyres of agricultural tractors, harvesters and agricultural implements up to R30 000, Vehicle hire if your vehicle is unusable due to loss or damage, Motor accident death benefit for employees up to R60 000 per occupant.
  11. At Santam we provide specialist risk solutions for electronic equipment. Laptops, tablets or similar electronic equipment designed to be carried by a person, enjoy world-wide cover. Items of a specialist nature such as the “Auto pilot” used in tractors or harvesters can be insured under the electronic equipment section.
EUROP Assistance

At Santam we understand the importance of emergency assistance when our clients are in need. As part of our value added service offering, all Santam Agriculture clients receive free access to the Europ Assistance emergency services.

The beneficiaries of these services are the insured, his/her employees and any guest or visitor to the property within the borders of South Africa and Namibia.

The 24-hour emergency assistance value added services include:
  1. Personal Health Advisor
  2. Medical Assistance
  3. Legal Advice
  4. Crisis Line
In the event of an emergency the insured, or any person mandated by the insured, can
call 0860 505 911 for immediate assistance.

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