Santam agricultural reports


Santam agricultural reports

Published: 25 September 2014

Our experience allows us to help farmers with strategies such as water harvesting, skilful use of crop types, planting dates, varieties, improved applications of fertilizer and timing of applications to contribute to minimising the effect of climate variability and climate change.

Our climatologist and weather expert, Johan van den Berg provides our clients with weekly weather updates, as well as comprehensive climatic and seasonal forecasts on an ongoing basis. This helps us advise farmers, through our network of involved agriculture brokers, on when to plant which crops, and on how to be adequately insured against weather perils.

That's why we put together tailor-made policies to cover your farming property against risks such as damage caused by animals, spread of fire, dam wall damage, hunter's liability, warehouseman's liability, products liability and general employment practices. Other benefits to Santam's Agriculture Asset insurance includes vehicle insurance that covers tractors, trucks, bakkies, farming implements, fire, theft and third party liabilities.

The cover available includes buildings, machinery and equipment, damage to stock and livestock, loss of income, vehicles, specialized farming equipment, funeral expenses and legal liabilities.