Agricultural insurance


Agricultural insurance

Published: 26 September 2014

Our research-based knowledge and focus on transparency and consistency has earned us the reputation of being the best risk managers in the farming business, and our brokers consider themselves to be part of the farming community.

To fully grasp the challenges facing farmers, Santam has invested in a one-of-a-kind experimental farm in Bloemfontein. This is where we conduct research into understanding just how crops are affected by certain weather conditions. It means we know that when a crop gets damaged, it could affect you for years to come, not just one. It means that we understand that a payout can't restore plants that have been damaged, but we can advise you on how to recoup your losses eventually. And it means farming is as much our business as it is yours. It is our aim to provide the security you need to ensure survival in this difficult sector through establishing honest, collaborative, long-term relationships with our brokers, who aim to understand your business by being consistent and present.

Santam is also the first and only insurer to join ClimateWise, an international network formed by leading insurers worldwide to influence debate and decision-making on climate change.

Below you'll find our Agricultural Insurance offerings, which have been carefully designed to take the hassle out of insurance. Click to find out more about each offering, or speak to one of our agricultural brokers about finding a tailored insurance solution for your farm.

With Santam's crop insurance solution you will enjoy the longest period of cover by insuring your crops as soon as possible after planting.

It's often the "hidden" assets such as a farmer's computer data, or a run-away veld fire that could cause demage to a neighbour's farm that a farmer needs to insure. Santam's Agricultural product gives comprehensive cover that is flexible enough to fulfill all the personal and agricultural needs of today's farmer.

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