04 September 2017

Climate and agricultural conditions

Rainfall conditions for most of the Summer Rainfall Area are likely to improve from the middle of October. Still hope for some rain for the Western Cape in September.


22 August 2017

Climate and agricultural conditions

Dry and windy conditions started to occur more frequently over most of the Summer Rainfall Area with the exception of the east coast areas where some rain occured. Wild fires are also increasing over the Summer Rainfall Area as a result of the dry and windy conditions with higher temperatures that also started to occur.


20 October 2016

Climate and weather update

Forecasts for neutral to La Niña conditions still remain valid with borderline La Niña conditions currently present. The expected rainfall in the first part of October over the eastern summer crop production areas did not occur but conditions are still favourable for rain in the second part of October. Cumulative rainfall forecasts until the end of December 2016 from the website indicate that between 300-400mm of rain is possible over the eastern areas.


14 October 2016

Santam makes R250 000 contribution to agri securitas trust fund

Santam today announced a R250 000 contribution to the Agri Securitas Trust Fund. The fund was set up to assist in the fight against farm attacks and farm crimes at a rural community level.


07 October 2016

Managing multi-peril crop insurance

Drought remains the single biggest risk covered under this insurance product. However, the difficulty lies in distinguishing between crop losses as a result of uncontrollable factors such as drought and crop losses as a result of a lack of acceptable farming practices.


16 September 2016

Highveld fire season – awareness and prevention is critical

Cape Town, 16 September 2016: The South African Weather Service has warned of expected high fire danger conditions over many parts of the country, which poses considerable risks to life, property, livestock and crops and the natural environment.


31 August 2016

Multi-risk crop insurance in South Africa

The issue of multi-risk crop insurance is actually simply a symptom of the risk attached to grain production in large parts of South Africa. There are really no cheaper and more accurate alternatives for multi-risk crop insurance in its current form, for whatever the method or product used the inherent risk and price remain the same. Although multi-risk crop insurance in its current form is labour intensive, it is still the only insurance product that fully covers a client’s individual risk.


28 June 2016

Solar panels – on or off the grid cover for farmers

To assist farmers wanting to pursue and secure independent power sourcing options, leading insurer Santam, now offers extended cover for solar panel installations under their general agriculture policy.


25 February 2016

Insurer donates R2 million to assist drought-stricken farmers

Santam has donated R2 million to help alleviate the financial hardship faced by both commercial and emerging farmers.


16 October 2015

The occurence of hail and hail damage in South Africa

The occurrence of hail is very much sporadic. For this reason, it is quite difficult in the longer term to predict the possibility of hail at a specific point in time or for a specific area.


10 July 2015

Choosing the right insurer for agricultural aircraft

With nearly 400 airplanes and helicopters landing at the recent NAMPO agricultural trade show over a period of four days it has become critical that the farming community obtain adequate and appropriate insurance from a well-established insurer with an excellent track record, credit rating and claims- paying history.


28 May 2015

Santam sponsored Western Cape Young Farmer of the Year announced

Carl van der Merwe was named the Agri Western Cape and Santam Agriculture Young Farmer of the Year 2015. Van der Merwe farms with apples and pears on Boplaas in Ceres.


04 May 2015

Load shedding: farmers urged to take extra precautions

As the reality of load shedding hits South Africa, farmers are bracing themselves for the impact this is likely to have on their production schedules and revenue.


26 September 2014

Agricultural insurance

When your livelihood relies on the land, you understand more than most what it means to be at the mercy of elements beyond your control. That's why it's good to know that there's an insurance company whose policies are based on 82 years of crop and hail research, and underpinned by 96 years in asset insurance experience.


25 September 2014

Santam agricultural reports

At Santam Agriculture, we've been researching the relationship between weather extremes and farms for 82 years. This means we realise how a bad season can affect your farm for more than just one yield.


24 September 2014

Farm asset insurance policies

At Santam Agriculture, our experience in insuring the farming industry means we know that farming is not just about crops and livestock, and that farmers are often vulnerable to liabilities.