Things you may not know about your insurance cover… but should

3 min read 13 April 2017

Most people pay their insurance premiums without ever thoroughly reviewing the details of their policies. But when it comes to proper cover, it does pay to read the fine print.

There are many reasons why you should check your insurance policy but one of them is that you’ll have the certainty of knowing exactly what you’re covered for. Says Attie Blaauw, head of Santam Personal Lines: “It’s so important to know what you’re covered for or what you may not be covered for in the event of loss, damage or theft to your home, your vehicle and your valuables. That is why we’ve decided to share some insights around insurance cover that may come as a surprise to some.”

Blaauw says that providing insurance good and proper is about offering customers more than just insurance cover. “We understand the inconvenience that losing or damaging your valuables can bring, which is why we offer our policyholders peace of mind by providing practical solutions to claims arising from everyday scenarios. In recent years, the frequency of severe weather had increased, causing individuals to assess the adequacy of their insurance cover. In 2016, Santam paid R5,2 billion in personal insurance claims. Nearly 60% of these claims were vehicle-related while household contents and home-related claims accounted for 30%.

“Santam’s insurance offering and claims paying reputation gives our policyholders a sense of comfort – both at home and on the road – knowing that they’ve received proper advice and are covered adequately. We want everyone to be safe these holidays.”

Santam policyholders are reminded that they can speak to their broker, call Santam’s 24/7 claims and emergency helpline 0860 505 911 or lodge a query via the Santam client site or Santam app