4x4 epic adventures – enthusiasts must be mindful of the risks

3 min read 10 October 2018

Many 4x4 enthusiasts will agree that South and Southern Africa have an off-road culture unlike anywhere else in the world. The attraction of spectacular natural vistas, with brilliant night skies and absolute silence have become the ultimate getaway for many.

But before you head out on your epic adventure, a leading insurer says along with the fun, come the risks, and it is a good idea to check exactly what you’re covered for should your trip see you stuck in the mud, stuck for a mechanic or up a creek without a paddle.

What does a standard 4x4 insurance policy cover?

Marius Steyn, Underwriting manager at Santam, says most specialist 4x4 insurance cover differs in terms of the following criteria:

“Also ensure that your insurance cover makes provision for winching equipment which you’ll need in the event of sudden and unforeseen mechanical and electrical breakdown, failure or breakage of the winching equipment of the vehicle.

“If your vehicle is accidentally damaged, some insurers will pay the reasonable cost of returning your 4x4 vehicle to South Africa, if it is accidently damaged,” says Steyn.

What do 4x4 drivers typically get exposed to?

Steyn explains that consumers have been exposed to, or reported the following incidents:

What are some of the biggest (and less notable) risks insurers need to consider when insuring off-road adventures?

The biggest risk with respect to off-road adventure is the overturning of a 4x4 vehicle. The best insurers make use of the world-class rating methodology to determine the rates on different types of 4x4 vehicles and the way in which the risk is calculated and adjusted accordingly.

What can adventurers do to protect themselves from each of these risks?

Steyn advises it is important to make sure your 4x4 is ready for the off-road before attempting any routes. Always ensure that your 4x4 vehicle is properly equipped to perform on the chosen terrain (i.e. vehicle capability).

Use these tips to driving experience so that you are not caught off guard: