Corporate social investment

Corporate social investment

Context for CSI

Good and impactful Corporate Social Investment (CSI) does not happen in isolation or without context. At Santam, we aim to deliver community-based solutions to support business while being aligned with international and national development priorities. Our view is one of integrated thinking and reporting and we believe our CSI strategy needs to reinforce Santam’s approach to sustainable business as well as adhere to national transformation agendas such as those encapsulated in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) codes.

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Future focus

The future direction of our Santam CSI strategy will build on the work done to date, by determining evidence-based outcomes, refining programmes and then extending our impact through replication and knowledge sharing.

The focus of our future effort will naturally fall on the ‘Support for Risk-resilient Communities’ strategic area, which will necessitate a reduced investment in the ‘Child Art’ strategic area. Part of this deeper focus on ‘Support for Risk-resilient Communities’ will see the team creating structured portfolios of interventions aimed at demonstrating effectiveness, which can then be provided to communities to improve their risk resilience.

In order to be able to demonstrate effectiveness and refine interventions, emphasis will be placed on building monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes into the various interventions.

The intention here will be to not only track implementation but also to establish a body of  evidence of outcomes as well, to determine what works and what doesn’t so that projects and programmes can be refined accordingly. It is our intention to be able to document our learnings and then identify the most impactful platforms on which to share this knowledge. It is our hope that our interventions continue to create increased collaboration at a multi-stakeholder level and within communities while growing the sectoral and community resource pool.

Santam's CSI strategy

The objective of our CSI strategy is to provide positive developmental outcomes while demonstrating good corporate citizenship and advancing stakeholder relations. To achieve this objective, the CSI strategy is focused on three areas, namely child art, support for risk-resilient communities, and staff volunteerism.

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Santam Child Art

The objective of this focus area is to nurture a love for art in children and create an opportunity for them to express their thoughts and ideas creatively. Art is a valuable but often neglected aspect of human development and can enable especially young people to express their thoughts and ideas. Established in 1963, the Santam Child Art project has
been adapted over the decades to fulfil a stronger development role and is particularly inclusive of disadvantaged schools in vulnerable communities.

Santam Child Art consists of a national art competition for school-going children, an online exhibition of selected artworks, an art calendar, and after-school activities for children through informal art centres at schools.

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Staff Volunteerism

The Santam Staff Volunteerism programme was initiated in 2009 as a way of encouraging Santam employees to become more involved in their communities. The programme allows employees to make direct voluntary contributions to projects and causes they care about, through both monetary and non-monetary means. This helps our employees to feel they are contributing to communities they care about, and it aligns with Santam’s corporate social investment vision of contributing towards real, meaningful and sustainable community development in South Africa.

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Tersia Mdunge

CSI Manager

Cherie Josephs

CSI Coordinator

Anelisa Plandeyishi

Administrator: CFE & Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

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