Corporate social investment

Corporate social investment

Creating partnerships to build resilient communities

Santam has taken a lead in assisting vulnerable communities by reducing systematic risk and building resilience.

Through Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes which focus on strategic interventions, provision of resources and equipment, and training programmes to increase risk awareness and provide disaster management education, we are working with municipalities to prevent and manage disasters.

 A community-led approach

Santam’s CSI strategy, refined during 2015 and rolled out comprehensively during 2016, focuses on supporting community-led disaster prevention and management. By reducing chronic disaster vulnerability and minimising the catastrophic impacts of disasters, we aim to create empowered, self-reliant communities and a stable and resilient society.

A key priority in each of the initiatives Santam supports is an inclusive, multi-stakeholder, community-driven process. To achieve this objective, all disaster risk reduction planning and projects are designed around the needs and priorities of communities, often as articulated in their integrated development plans. Santam is also committed to including traditional leaders as custodians of communities.

Our goal is to leverage our experience and partnerships, and expand our CSI interventions into vulnerable communities in 10 district municipalities throughout South Africa by the year 2020; and, where possible, extend our reach to other vulnerable communities outside of the specified districts. This will directly and positively affect many South Africans by making them risk aware and resilient.

To ensure sustainability, our CSI programme includes both provision of immediate funding and practical resources – such as fire detection sensors – as well as a deeper transfer of skills and knowledge. Building resilience to risk starts with education. A key focus of Santam’s CSI strategy is therefore on training and awareness programmes.


The strategic programmes and partnerships are:

  • Partnership for Risk and Resilience
  • Santam staff volunteerism
  • Santam Child Art programme
  • Consumer Education initiatives 

Partnership for Risk and Resilience

Santam has built a framework aimed at reducing risk at source, strengthen capacity and enhance social and ecological resilience at municipal level. The partnership is a systematic and sustainable insurance approach that emphasises the importance of early warning systems, preparedness and proactive risk management. Reducing risk and building resilience is a long-term process that involves research-based evidence, multi-party collaboration as well as knowledge generation and sharing.

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Staff Volunteerism

The Santam Staff Volunteerism programme was initiated in 2009 as a way of encouraging Santam employees to become more involved in their communities. The programme allows employees to make direct voluntary contributions to projects and causes they care about, through both monetary and non-monetary means. This helps our employees to feel they are contributing to communities they care about, and it aligns with Santam’s corporate social investment vision of contributing towards real, meaningful and sustainable community development in South Africa.

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Santam Child Art

Art is a highly valuable, but often neglected, aspect of human development. While Arts and Culture is a part of the formal curriculum for primary school age children in South Africa, in many schools in disadvantaged areas the subject is not offered, or is heavily under-resourced. In fact, research has shown that most Arts and Culture educators in these areas have not received formal training in the subject.

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Consumer Education Initiatives

As part of our CSI strategy, we are mindful of our commitment in terms of the Financial Sector Code. We aim to empower consumers by driving consumer financial education initiatives, focusing on skills and knowledge transfer relating to the financial sector and financial products and services. ring.

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Tersia Mdunge

CSI Manager

Cherie Josephs

CSI Coordinator


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We recommend that you submit your request for funding at least four months prior to the anticipated project starting date. Submit your project proposal in either hard copy or electronic format as follow:


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