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Are you keen to join Santam's team of high performers? View current vacancies by visiting our corporate website from your personal computer and submit your CV.

Santam believes that people can only reach their full potential when their work experience is enriching, they get appropriate recognition and rewards, and are treated with respect.

We offer employees access to a range of programmes and structures to enhance their performance - not only in the areas of training and skills development, but also through lifestyle programmes that encourage a healthy work-life balance and community involvement.

Transformation is a top priority, and essential in securing skilled staff, developing a diverse and representative employee base, conforming to industry codes and securing the trust of business stakeholders.

Santam spends 50% more than what is required on skills development for previously disadvantaged individuals - a large sum compared to the 1.5% stipulated by the Financial Sector Charter.

For the past two years, Santam received a national disability award from INSETA.

Career Opportunities

Are you keen to join Santam's team of high performers? View current vacancies online and submit your CV.

GAP (Graduate Accelerate Programme)

Are you an ambitious thinker who wants to build a bright future for yourself? Kick start your career by joining GAP. We offer graduates a 18 month immersion into all aspects of our business.

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